Care Guide

Spot clean with warm water and mild detergent

Wash in a large-capacity washing machine

Tumble dry after washing

Washing your weighted blanket

Most domestic washing machines are unable to handle the heavy load of a wet weighted blanket. We strongly recommend sending your weighted blanket for professional washing or using a large-capacity washing machine (such as those found in coin-operated laundromats). That’s why our blankets come in reuseable carriers!

Wash the blanket on the gentle cycle, and do not use bleach or use fabric softeners.

We recommend tumble drying after washing, but if you wish to line dry your blanket, please lay it flat so ensure that it maintains its fluffy shape.

Taking care of your weighted blanket

Piling is a normal occurrence in TENCEL™ lyocell due to the shorter fibres used in its fabrication, and will gradually appear with use.

We recommend layering it over a duvet, top sheet or other alternative to minimise friction and reduce the frequency of washes.

Avoid contact with sharp objects that may cause snagging.